I have heard a few nice reports coming from the Trinity for summer steelhead. The water is slowly dropping and around 750 cfs from Lewiston. These summer fish are headed for tributaries so I would focus ones efforts on the mid-lower river. Early mornings and evening are going to give you the best shot a a chrome wild summer run. I would fish anything from a skated muddler or dry fly to October Hilton's, Duck Turds, Silent Assassins, and Undertakers. Good numbers of fish are already showing on the Klamath and Trinity and we anticipate great fall fishing. I have some October dates still available for prime time fall steelheading on the Lower Trinity and Klamath Rivers. Email if you have any questions or to book a date.


Fishing up here on the upper Nush has picked up. With more salmon entering the system everyday we are seeing better trout fishing. The egg bite has picked up in the last couple of weeks and the mouse and streamer fishing has been great! Thus far the hot streamers have been a natural BellyDancer, Hickman's Egg Stealing Sculpin, and Silvey's Sculpin. About the only mouse I have been fishing all season is Mr. Hankey but if I had another choic, the Morrish Mouse would be a close second. Will post some pics shortly. The only thing we could use now is some sunshine and warm weather. I have had enough overcast and rainy days until December!



The Pros and Cons of living in the Bush!


1. Bugs, they really are a bitch. Deet helps a little with the mosquitos but the no see ‘ems and white sox could give two shits about this stuff.
2. Cleaning out the shitters. I could just about throw up everyday I have to take the shitter bags out and clean the john’s.
3. The price of booze. $40 for an 18 pack of Bud Diesel and $40-60 for a bottle of shit Whiskey. Almost not worth a drink here and there.
4. What I wouldn’t give for a bagel, burger, or DiGiorno pizza right about now. The DiGiorno would go well with my $3 can of Bud Diesel.
5. Women worried about their hair and make-up in the middle of BFE! It really it kinda funny!


1. I don’t have to listen to latest news or political bullshit about how effed up our country is.
2. 24 hours of light
3. Wildlife: Bears, Moose, Wolverines, Eagles, and Osprey
4. Not having to deal with traffic or idiotic people. The only traffic within sight is that of another jet boat heading up or downriver of camp.
5. Leopard Bows
6. Huge grayling
7. Epic mouse and streamer fishing
8. Campfires, music, and Dave’s classic bush stories