Winter Update...

Again, sorry for not keeping up with posts and reports. Between the few days of fishing we have had and trying to get the Kiene's online spey store up and running, I have been pretty busy. But enough of that.

Right now the rivers are all high and brown and look like they will remain unfishable for at least a week if not more. So far, we have had brutally tough fishing conditions this year. The water has either been low and clear or high and muddy. Both make for tough winter steelheading conditions. This past week we had maybe 1 or 2 days of fishable conditions but the reports I have heard back were not that great. Gear guys getting a fish here and most fly guys striking out. I have to believe that once the water drops after this storm and hopefully we see more than a few days of good conditions, that there should be plenty of fish around and fishing should pick up.

I have spent a little time on the American River in the past week and was able to watch Ryan Miller land a couple of nice fish on the swing. The fish are there and those that are putting the time in are finding a nice fish here and there. Black leeches in the 2-3" range have been working well. Soon we should start to see a few spring fish and then its time to start swinging some smaller leeches and even drop a caddis pupa off the end. I will keep ya'll posted as fishing and conditions change.

Jason Hartwick

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