While were on the topic of dry flies...

I don't think enough people fish dry flies for steelhead. Skated or waking dry flies are one of most effective methods of taking summer and fall steelhead throughout the West Coast. These fish are extremely aggressive and will move quite a distance for a fly, especially one that is creating a disturbance on the surface. Plus, there is nothing better than seeing a fish push water and go crazy over a fly skating across the current. While they might not always take your offering, just seeing a toilet bowl swirl on your fly is enough to get the adrenaline flowing!

Like anything else, there are a variety of different dry flies and skaters. In the last ten years, foam skaters have become popular since they ride high on the water and create a good size wake without having to riffle hitch the fly. My personal favorite is a riffle hitched muddler. It is an old standby and they push a lot of water when hitched and create a big wake with a buggy profile. Put the sink tips and wet flies away! While you might not raise a fish the first couple of times out, stay persistant and it will happen.

Jason Hartwick

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leroy laviolet said...

Sweet pic by the Portagee of that dry fly man !!
I hear he can cast a bit too :) !!