River Etiquette...

Went out to the local river this morning to fish a run that sometimes holds early winters this time of year. Waded out and was working my way down a run when another fly flinger steps in 30 yards below me and started fishing. WTF?

So here's my etiquette rant for the year...

1. In most places if there is someone fishing a run, go somewhere else. Plenty of water even on many small creeks. North Umpqua comes to mind here.
2. Never step in below another angler working down a run, be it a bait chucker, bobber jockey, or spey guy. If your going to at least ask first.
3. If they say yes after you ask, then at least give them some room!
4. Keep moving. Stand in one spot for 10 minutes and I can guarantee my fly will get a little too close to you for comfort.

So much for a good start to my day

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