Brief Coast Report

We were able to get one day on the river in this week. With off and on rain showers and the river forecasts predicted to drop, things were looking good. Rain and showers on monday night and tuesday certainly did not help things. While the river was a nice steelhead green, the flows were just too high. We floated a 6 mile stretch of river that only allowed us to swing 3 runs due to the flows just being too high and fast. All things considered we did manage one good grab that didn't stick in one of the three runs fished. Looks like another big storm is moving in for the next few days and the rivers are predicted to jump big. Looks like it will be at least another week till something drops in.

The other downer of the day happened after we finished our float, we decided to walk into one last run before dark. Upon returning to the rig, I noticed someone had slashed my raft in two different places. In all my years fishing the coast, I have not had many run-ins till now. I have a pretty good idea of who might have done it, as the idiot was watching and heckling us most of the day throughout the float. Rest assured that if I see him again, things will not be pretty!

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