Too much rain...

One thing that is getting a little old up here in the bush is the rain. Since arriving here at camp 3 weeks ago we have seen the sun for about 3 days. The only positive of this cool weather are very few mosquitos. The other major downside being the fishing. Water temps have been downright cold, ranging anywhere from 38-46 degrees making the trout somewhat sluggish. This is the time of year to expect great fishing on both mice and streamers and it just hasn’t happened. While fish are still moving, a little, to the streamers we are having better success dead drifting flesh and streamers. The mouse grab has been almost non-existent with maybe 4 four succumbing the fury rodent. Today was far and away the best weather we have seen yet. Bluebird skies and warm weather in the low sixties was a treat until the clouds of mosquitos arrived! If we could only have about five more days of this weather, the water should warm and the fury rodent fishing should kick off. If there is one thing I have been anticipating up here on the nush, it is mouse fishing for big leopard bows. Mr. Hankey, Morrish Mouse, and a new creation I have been working on are sure to see action here soon.


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